We’re located just 5 miles south of Lakehead Ca., 20 miles north of Redding California. Take the Gilman Rd. Exit 698 north or south on Interstate 5.  Going South Gilman Rd, Exit 698, left over highway to Salt Creek Rd. turn right to Statton Road.  Right on Statton  under the highway to the  1-5 Portland entrance  North Ramp Ridge Rd.  Turn right and go to the top of the hill until you see the sign..  Turn right onto that road and follow it to the top of the hill and then follow the signs to the left to the  campground  entrance.

Lake Shasta Pines RV Park & Campground
19663 Solus Campground Road
Lakehead, CA 96051
(530) 261-2222
(530) 941-5276


Office Hours:
Every day from 8:30AM to 5:30PM

3: Take the GILMAN RD/SALT CREEK RD exit, EXIT 698. 0.13 miles
4: Turn LEFT onto GILLMAN RD/SALT CREEK RD. Continue to follow SALT CREEK RD. 0.11 miles
5: Turn RIGHT to stay on SALT CREEK RD. 0.28 miles
6: Turn RIGHT onto STATTON RD. 0.08 miles
7: Turn LEFT onto NORTHRAMP RD. 0.23 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto SOLUS CAMPGROUND RD. 0.15 miles
19663 Solus Campground Rd Lakehead CA 96051-9689 US

Lake Shasta Pines
RV Park &
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Lake Shasta Pines RV Park & Campground.
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